Searching for a company within the Creditsafe system is easy and you are able to perform the following searches:

  1. UK Quick Search
  2. Standard Search
  3. Advanced Company Search
  4. Company Media Search

1: Quick Search

  • A quick search for a UK company is the fastest way to get your results
  • Simply enter the company details into the 'UK Quick Search', on the left hand side of the home page
  • Click the magnifying glass icon to launch the search

2: Standard Search

  • To perform a standard search for a UK company is quick and easy
  • Simply enter the company details into the company search box (highlighted below).
  • Click Search

3: Advanced Search

  • To perform an advanced search for a UK company simply click the tab 'Advanced Company Search' (highlighted below).
  • You are then able to input further information into fields such as:

  1. Limited or Non Limited
  2. Company Address
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Industry
  5. No. of Employees
  6. Turnover

  • Once happy, click 'Search' 
  • Changed your mind? Just click 'Reset All' to start over

4: Company Media Search

  • A company media search will allow you to search the media and news outlets for the company in question
  • Enter the company name into the search bar and click 'search'
  • Results (if any) will bring back articles, news stories, and any media coverage linked to that company

Search Results: 

  • The search results page will show a number of possible company matches
  • Click on the relevant company name to view the full company credit report