How monitor multiple companies

If you have a file or list of companies you would like to monitor you can upload them quickly and easily all in one go. 

Start from the main menu and go to Credit Solutions > Risk Tracker then select the Import/Export tab.

Choose the portfolio you want to import to. Then you have two choices:

Option 1: Manually entering company numbers or names into the box provided, only one record per line.If you type a comma after the company name/number you can then type a reference alongside which will be added as a ‘Free text’ when uploaded.


Option 2: Uploading a .csv file with company numbers listed in Column A of the file and anything you would like appended to the ‘Free text’ alongside the records in Column B.

Please note: This only works for limited company numbers and non-limited records need to be manually added.

Once satisfied simply hit the ‘Import button and we will try to match the submitted data to records in our database. All matched records will be added to the pre-selected portfolio. *Please note this method is completely dependent on the accuracy of the data you submit, if you would like us to try to improve your records please contact us on 02920 886 500 and ask your account manager about our Data cleaning service.