Searching for a Creditsafe online international company report.

  • The Creditsafe map shows countries that have online reports available in red. 

  • There are over 100 countries with over 240 million reports available instantly online. 

  • If you wish to find a company report from a country outside of the instant online (Red) countries you can put in a request for the report which will be available to view online within 2 – 10 working day (see page 4 for details)

  • To search for an international company simply find the country in the map and select it. If you cannot find the country you are looking for you can select it from the ‘Select a country’ box above the map.

  • When you click on a country in the map it will provide you with more information on the country. In order to continue to search for a company click the ‘Go’ button.

Searching for international partner company credit reports.

  • If you need to find an international report for a company outside of the creditsafe countries (Grey countries on the map) you can do so by requesting it through an offline international investigation.

  • To do this select the country you wish to search from the map or by selecting it from the ‘Select a country box’ and you will be taken to an order form. The price of the report will be shown at the top of the form.

  • When filling in this form please be aware of the information disclosure box. Keeping this option selected will improve the information available within your report by allowing us to disclose your company details.

  • Offline international investigations will be returned within 2 – 10 working days. 

  • If you order a report on behalf of a colleague and would like them to be notified of the reports availability, simply modify the email address in the relevant box on the order form. 

  • When the investigation is complete you will receive an email notification to inform you of the reports availability.

  • To retrieve your report simply login to your account and click on ‘My Account’ in the navigation menu followed by selecting the international investigations option. 

  • Your list of reports will be revealed and you can access the report by clicking on the report icon. 

  • The report will be saved within your account for 60 days.

  • You can keep track of any international investigations that you have ordered