Job: A job is a specific file that has been uploaded for data matching and enrichment. All current and historic jobs will be stored in the Jobs page accessed from the left-hand navigation. 

Safe Number: Creditsafe’s unique company identification number that is appended to each matched record. The Creditsafe Safe Number is commonly utilised for identifying duplicates and linking data across siloed databases.

International Jobs: A single job that contains company data from more than one country. Once matched, it may be possible to enrich these jobs with both country-specific and global datasets. 

Matching: The process of matching your company records to the correct company records in the Creditsafe International Database. Creditsafe utilises hundreds of possible matching patters with varying degrees of match certainty to suit a range of business cases.

Enriching: The process of appending up-to-date and accurate company information to a matched record. Records can be enriched with all or just specific chosen datasets.