1. Click on the “Decision Making - Connect” tab and perform the below checks before you hit the “Send” request to make the decision.

  1. Paramaters – add a new key called companyId : pass the company id on which you wanted to request decision.  
  1. Add a new key called guide – pass the guid that we have got from the response on GET method for your instance.
  2. Body – Add the Body as below (ignore if already available) 

 "creditAmount": "This is the user input that we have to pass while requesting for decision" 

2.  Once the above checks are complete, hit the “Send” request to request for decision and you will have the JSON response that has individual outcome of the checks and the final outcome (Decision). 

IMPORTANT: Please note that the final outcome will be the worst outcome out of all the checks made. The Decision Text will be empty if the final outcome is Accept.  


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