After selecting the Bank Verification tool from the sidebar, search for the company you would like to verify the bank details for by using the search function then select. 

Enter the Sort Code and Account Number, IBAN, or VAT number, or any combination of them, and if we have details on the bank accounts of that company, we will make a comparison and let the customer know if it matches any of the records we hold.

The possible outcomes are:

• Match – We have bank information on the company, and the data provided by the customer matches this company’s records

• No Match – We have bank information on the company, but the data provided does not match any of the company’s records

• Data Unavailable – We do not have bank information on the company

• No data entered – The customer did not enter any data for this field

• Issue connecting to services – Creditsafe is experiencing errors

• Service Unavailable – The tool is unreachable and the service is down

Each result will be accompanied by the appropriate descriptor and visual indicator.