With monitoring you have the ability to share access to your portfolio with another member of your team, simply click on the share portfolio icon.

Permissions can be set for each user. The ‘Revoke all’ button will revoke all permissions for shared users. The permissions are detailed as follows:


The portfolio will show in the shared users’ portfolio list. They will be able to view the portfolio but they will not be able to change it in any way. No other permissions can be created without View.


The shared user will be able to add other companies to the shared portfolio either from an import file or manual list, a company cannot be added directly from a report.


The shared user will be able to change the settings of the portfolio and the notifications that are generated.


The shared user will be able to remove companies from within the portfolio, but they cannot delete the portfolio.

If the shared user has both the Add and Remove permissions, they can use the sync function.  To share a portfolio with another user, the user must have accessed the Global Monitoring product and accepted the terms and conditions.  

Users who have access to shared portfolios will see these in their available portfolio list (a share icon will signify that the portfolio is a shared portfolio).