There has to be 10 experiences available on a limited company. 5 on a non-limited company.

The Trade Payment Data displayed will always be a snap shot as we would be unable to provide a full payment history. The sample size can range from any amount, and we can only display the information we have access to. However, companies both Creditsafe customers and non-customers are signing up to our Trade Payment program on a daily basis. The more information we have, the better reflected it will be.

The statement "This company has made late payment on a high percentage of invoices" is based on the information we have available to us and not reflected on all invoices paid by a particular company.

If you are interested in sharing Trade Payment Data with us then you can simply send an email to Creditsafe’s Trade Payment Data Team or your account manager with your company and contact information and ask about the Trade Exchange Program; someone will contact and guide you through the quick and easy process.

Participating in the program is completely Free Creditsafe provides all of the members of the Trade Exchange Program with a logo that

they can use on their invoices and on their website to help aid them with credit collections.

Additionally, Creditsafe also has a number of valuable additional incentives that you can take advantage of in reward for providing their Accounts-Receivables to Creditsafe – including possible Free Business Credit Reports, Free Data Cleaning, Free Data Appends and many more.