From December 2019 a new scorecard and limit strategy will be launched for Creditsafe UK. Applying advanced analytical techniques, we have upgraded the scoring algorithm that predicts which businesses are likely to fail within the next 12 months.

At Creditsafe we are fortunate to have an extensive and ever growing database of up-to-date UK company information. As we expand and increase the wealth of data we hold, we must evaluate whether this new data contains information that is indicative of company stability or future insolvency. We must also re-validate whether previous indicators in existing data remain true. In both cases, it is likely that additions and adjustments to the scorecard will be needed to ensure high predictability.

Thus when changing a new scorecard there will inevitability be some shifts in company scores, probability of defaults and recommended credit limits. These shifts can happen for a number of reasons. For example, new data on a company may be available, or a recent company event is now considered more important.

For a greater understanding on your own score and probability of default, or that of a customer/supplier, we recommend reading the full scorecard guide and visiting the Event History on a company credit report for more details.