The Creditsafe UK scorecard is built to assess the entire UK business population utilising Creditsafe owned data as well third party data including CCJ information, Companies House data and much more.

Our assessment of this data produces a score which reflects the likelihood of business failure within the next 12 months. In addition, the Limit Solution is designed to offer a recommended maximum amount of credit to be extended to this business based on numerous financial factors. With the highest level of predictability offered across the industry, we are the most used supplier of company credit reports in the UK.

Our UK scorecard is built to compliment any business, however, we do also offer bespoke analytical services. Naturally all businesses have unique business models, strategies and objectives. In order to help businesses gain greater clarity over their commercial landscape and opportunities, our world leading analytical team have been commissioned to build a number of bespoke analytical models for companies within the UK and abroad.

For further details on our bespoke services please reach out to your dedicated account manager.