Should the following message ever be displayed within Salesforce when using the Business Intelligence package to create or link either a Salesforce Lead or Account it indicates that at-least one of the mapped Salesforce Fields which has been configured by your Salesforce System Administrator to receive Creditsafe data does not accept the format of the data which is being transferred:

In order to resolve the issue, please ask your Salesforce System Administrator to review all of the affected Salesforce Fields which have been mapped to receive Creditsafe data within the applications "Configuration" user interface and ensure that their Data Types are able to receive the {value} being displayed within the message:

Business Intelligence > Configuration > Data Mapping

Once the Data Type of the affected Salesforce field(s) has been amended to a standard "Text" field that will accept the Creditsafe data by your Salesforce Administrator the message should no longer be displayed.

If creating Salesforce Custom Fields for Creditsafe data then we would always advise that a "Text" Data Type is configured with a maximum length of "255" should it be required.