In order to implement Creditsafe Connect's company search functionality successfully the following endpoint must initially be called to retrieve a set of supported "criteriaSets" parameters for the intended search country / countries:


When searching for a company using Creditsafe Connect's /companies endpoint it is always advised that a unique identifier "criteriaSet" search is attempted first over any free-text search terms such as "name=":

1. Unique Identifier e.g. Safe Number, VAT Number, Local Registration Number


If a unique identifier isn't available then the following "name=" searches are ranked from top-to-bottom in order of decreasing number of search results. If up-to-date company information is being searched then we'd suggest adopting a waterfall process however if the information is out-of-date then this process should be reversed and worked from bottom-to-top, refining the information at each step:

2. Name + Postcode + Street
3. Name + Postcode + Partial Street (wildcard)
4. Name + Partial Postcode (wildcard)
5. Name


The search results returned by Creditsafe Connect are ranked in descending order by a score of relevance which is generated from the underlying Search Index Service (SIS).

Should you happen to have any further queries with regards to Creditsafe Connect's /companies endpoint then please refer to the following web link:


Should you continue to experience issues then please submit a ticket.