Should the following messaging ever be displayed within Netsuite when attempting to access the Creditsafe Integration for Netsuite then it normally indicates that there's an issue with the setup of the CreditSafe Account Association:

In order to resolve the issue, please ask you're Netsuite Administrator to revisit the CreditSafe Account Association by performing the following:

Netsuite > Creditsafe > Account Association > Setup Accounts > Edit

The "CreditSafe Credentials" provided by Creditsafe are normally for its "Production" service so please ensure this "Service Type" is selected within the drop-down.

If editing the "CreditSafe Account Association" then they may also need to re-enter the "Username" and "Password" prior to saving to ensure that they too are correct.

Should further detail be required then please refer to the attached document.

Should you continue to experience issues then pleaseĀ submit a ticket.