The switch over to new website will affect you in a visual and user experience capacity only. The aim of the website redevelopment is to improve functionality, readability and user experience, with absolutely no loss of data or information available. 

Services will look different in the new website, but how you use them will be largely unchanged. To make sure that you are fully supported during the switch-over we have created on-site interactive guides to show you where each service is located and how to use it. 

Before the launch in your country, you will be given ample notice and a period of time where you can choose to move over immediately or delay for a short period. Choosing to move over will not incur any charges to your business, the upgrade is included within your current subscription cost. 

The option to move to the new website will be presented to you on logging in to Creditsafe. This option will be shown each time you choose to log in before switching over, until a date is decided to move every customer over to the new site. 

You can choose to move over on a user-by-user basis. For instance, if you would like to move some users over to explore the new site and leave others for a little longer on the incumbent site, that is possible.