Set up Debt Notification Letters to notify your debtors of invoices they owe you and when they need to pay them by.

Setting up a Debt Notification

Choose Debt Chaser from the left-hand menu.

From here you will be able to search for the company that owes you money. Enter the company name or number and click search, this will then provide you with a list of search results relating to your search criteria.

Select the relevant company from the list to be taken to the setup view. Here you can enter the details of the debt including your own reference information, invoice date, and the amount outstanding. 

You can select the manner in which these notifications are sent either by Letter or Email and if you would like to send every 5 working days.

Click create and the debt will be created, then you can select the template you wish to send to the debtor depending on your relationship and the invoice due date. 

Plaintiff details

You can update your details in the Plaintiff tab.

Debt history

You can view your Debt History and review outstanding debts in the Debt History tab.