Creditsafe currently has over 430 million instantly available reports across 201 countries. We call these our International Database Reports and these can be accessed from any Country shown in a red colour on the Creditsafe coverage map which you can see here:

International Credit Reports and Credit Scores | Creditsafe

These on-line countries also appear with green circles next to their name in the drop-down menu on our customer website:

'Off-line' countries are signified by a grey circle next to their name in our customer website.

Our International Partner Reports (off-line) are available for when a Fresh Investigation is required due to the lack of available information on our database. These will be necessary for countries shown in a grey colour on the Creditsafe map.  You also have the option to request a Fresh Investigation for International Reports from on-line countries (where available).  When a Fresh Investigation is ordered we will instruct agents to investigate the chosen business and create a brand new company report. Typically these reports take between 2-10 working days to complete.