Once logged in, Creditsafe Consumers can be accessed by selecting ‘Identity’ from the left-hand menu and then selecting the ‘Consumers’ option displayed. 

In order to carry out any Consumer search the user will need to enter at least an individual’s Title, Forename, Surname, D.O.B, Gender, & Address & a Reason for Search - if the individual has any joint accounts and you have permission to include these accounts in your search, you can select the 3rd Party opt-in option which charges 1 additional credit.

We also allow our users the option of entering a previous name and/or 2 previous addresses (at a charge of 1 extra credit each) at this stage by expanding the following: 

Every user will be required to specify how they will be using the product over the course of their contract with us by selecting the ‘Reason for Search’.

Once all relevant information has been entered all you need to do is hit the 'Validate' button and the system will begin the search. 

Summary Page

When the search results are returned, you will see the “Summary” page displayed and “Score” attained. The boxes to the left will show the entered information, along with the “Score”. These are visible on every page of our reports. The right-hand box contains a snapshot on what information is available on the target individual with sections dedicated to datasets such as Registered Judgments, Unregistered Judgments and Bankruptcies.

To access the linked pages, select the dataset you want more information on using the tab headings at the top. For example, the screenshot below shows the information available for Insolvency.

Search History

A record of all the searches that have been carried is held within the ‘History’ section, which is accessible at the bottom left of the Consumer search page.

The “View Report” button allows you to view a previous report run displaying the information on an individual at that time. The “Re-Submit” button will allow you to re-run a check on an individual which will provide you with the most up-to-date information held on them. Reports can be generated by searching between specific dates, keyword or reference.

You can also download the report as a .csv file using the "Download Report (.csv)" button at the bottom of the results on the left.