Creditsafe ID complies with all standard ‘Know Your Customer’ practices. These can be used by almost any company for general due diligence when verifying new customers, suppliers, employees etc. 

Creditsafe ID enables users to reinforce checks by verifying a Driver’s License, Passport or both.


  • Electoral Roll (edited)
  • Postcode Address File (Royal Mail)
  • Consent databases
  • Telephone Directory (BT)
  • Mortality Registers
  • P.E.P. Database*
  • Multiple Sanction Databases*
  • Birth Index Register
  • Age Range

*Dataset only available with ID+ product. If you require this product, please contact your account manager

Please note all users must be DPR Registered

Creditsafe ID can be found within the "Identity" section of the website in the left-hand navigation and by selecting "ID' at the top of the page under "Select a Product".


Submission Form:

In order to carry out any ID search please enter at least an individual’s:

  • Forename
  • Surname
  • D.O.B.
  • Gender
  • Address

You may also enter a landline telephone number and up-to two previous addresses.

Once all available information has been entered press the ‘Validate’ button and the system will begin the search.

Prior to this, you can enter a customer reference or something similar in the reference box above (this will show against the record in the ‘History’ section).

Results Form:

The standard Results page will be displayed as below and will reflect how much information is available on the subject. The left-hand box shows the entered information along with the search result which will be either a ‘PASS’ or a ‘REFER’.

If a ‘REFER’ is returned the system will request that you use additional documentation to support the check. Please use one or both of the following documentation:

Driving License:

European ID Card:


MPAN Number*:

*MPAN Number only available with ID+ product. If you require this product, please contact your account manager

Once the necessary details have been entered (correctly) simply hitting the ‘Re-Validate’ button will re-run the search and return updated results.

IMPORTANT –‘Re-Validation’ can only occur once so it is essential the information entered at this point is correct.

Results Summary and Matches:

The below information provides a visual representation of the matches returned.

You can expand each of the available datasets by clicking the ^ arrow to give a detailed breakdown of the match level.


On both the Submission Form and Results Page is a ‘History’ button, this takes you to a page where you can search all previous reports, print results in CSV format, edit reference and ‘Re-Validate’ those less than 90 days old.