Creditsafe Trace is a single source tracing solution that allows the user to access one of the widest and most current range of population data available. 

Uses of Creditsafe Trace:

  • Find people
  • Confirm contact details
  • Employee background checks
  • Search for people via telephone numbers

Trace utilises the following datasets:

  • Electoral Roll (Edited)
  • Consent Databases
  • Telephone Directory (BT)
  • Mortality Registers
  • Insolvency Files
  • Gone Away File (Equifax)

*Please note that all users of Creditsafe Trace must be registered with the DPA by law.

Trace Charging Model:

Please Note: The trace product works on a “click model” meaning that each button clicked, regardless of the result, will incur a charge of 1 credit. However once a successful search has been carried out the user can cycle through the results at both “street” and “entry” levels for no charge whatsoever.

Scrolling through any search results = No charge

Trace Click Model:

Every button marked below on the screenshots will incur a charge of 1 credit regardless of the result. You can

also hover over a button to reveal if it will incur a charge or not.

Trace User Guide Submission Form:

1. First Individual 

Here you can search by an individual’s personal details such as Name, D.O.B, & Age Variance

2. Address

You can search by address with as little or as much information as you like, entering a full Address, just a partial Post Code or cast your net wider by searching within a certain mile radius of an address

3. Second Individual

If your target has a very common name and returns too many results to manage simply typing their name of somebody you are sure resides with them will narrow-down the results considerably

4. Telephone

The Reverse Telephone Lookup allows you to enter a both landline and mobile telephone numbers and return the results registered to that number. As this uses Consent data it can often source numbers that are XD or registered with the TPS 

5. Settings

  • Enhanced Name Searching: Results will include similar names to that searched for.
  • Consented Data:  Results will include data from third party opt ins

Results Page

1. Results (Street)

This is where we display the various matches at an address level, scroll through the results here to find your target. These can be scrolled through without incurring a credit charge

2. Results (Entry)

Here you will find details of everybody currently registered at the highlighted address. Again cycling through this list does not use any credits.

3. Details (Entry)

Here will be displayed full details of the individual and address selected

4. Additional Datasets

Using the buttons displayed here will allow you to append additional information to the report, each click will incur a charge of one credit

5. Residents/Neighbours

These buttons allow the user to view historical electoral roll information on the highlighted property or details of all current residents within

the street

6. History

Displays details of your last 50 searches

7. Consented Data

If the consented data option was checked on the search page, records will show with an asterix in the results sections