Import from File

Clicking on the "Import From File" opens up a small window where you have two methods of importing new companies into a portfolio.

The first option is to upload a .csv file containing a list of companies to add to the selected portfolio along with some personal information for the company. The company information must be in the requested order and the file must be in a .csv format (a sample can be downloaded by clicking the ‘Download sample’ button). The ‘Choose file’ button allows you to select the file to import and the import will process once you click ‘Confirm’.

The import process will add all of the companies in the file to the currently selected portfolio as long as you have available credits. An email will be sent to you once the file has been imported and processed and you will receive notifications on events from these companies once the successful import is complete.

Clicking ‘Manual Import’ allows you to import a bulk list of companies for the chosen country using either their ‘Safe Number’ or ‘Organisation Number’* separated by a line break.

*Importing via organisation number is not currently supported for all the available countries.