The ‘Analysis’ tab presents the risk analysis data from the selected portfolio.

Events graph
This graph displays the number of events that have occurred within a particular timeframe for companies in the currently selected portfolio. The date picker dropdown allows you to choose from one of the four pre-set date ranges or to define a custom date range. This graph can be either a line graph or a bar chart depending on the selected option.  

Banding Pie Chart
This pie chart represents the percentages of companies in the selected portfolio broken down by risk banding. Hovering over the pie chart updates the centre text with the corresponding percentage of companies per risk banding. Clicking on the pie chart updates the company banding table below with the selected banding.  

Banding Table
This table shows all the companies in the selected portfolio that are in the selected banding. You can change the banding via the pie chart or the tabs above the table. All of the columns are sortable and all company names link you to the full company report.