Compliance Alerts have been added to our business reports to show the user if a company has a possible hit on an Legal Enforcement List, Sanctions, PEPs, or AML (Anti-Money Laundering) relevant negative media - this does not mean there is a definitive hit or a definite issue.  It is also not intended to be the sole basis of any decision making as per the information within the tab itself.  It is up to the user to review the hit information to determine if this is a true match or a false positive; often taking into account what they know about the company already. 

The alerts can relate to the legal entity itself or known Directors/UBOs or Ultimate Holding Company (if there is no UBO) for the legal entity. 

To determine if these alerts are relevant to the user, the user may click on the alerts within the report to view more details. To do this, the user will need a subscription to Protect, our AML screening service.

To learn more about our Compliance Alerts, watch our on-demand webinar below: