Workflows have been added to Protect to help users manage internal processes and create alignment when a search result on a company returns a hit on sanctions, an enforcement list, PEPs or adverse media.


  1. Upload names to investigate or conduct search manually by entering relevant search criteria (gender, DOB, country).

        2, Results will show type of hit associated with record e.g. sanctions, enforcement, PEP, adverse media (Please note: it is              not yet possible to mark a hit as a ‘true match’ or ‘false postive’).

        3. When a match is found, a new hit is displayed for each category matched.

        4. Associated records can be saved to a new or existing profile. You have the option to add more than one business or                 individual to a profile by searching on a business/individual and adding to an existing profile.


        5. When a record is saved to a profile, you can assign a risk level to the record.


        6. Click ‘Status’ to enter the current status for the record from the dropdown list. 

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        7. Assign the record to another Protect user in your organisation. The assignee will receive a notification email to take                  action (Please note: it is not currently possible customise roles and permissions for Protect users).


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        8. Assignee can approve, cancel, decline or refer back .


        9. There is an option to enter notes to individual records to describe rationale for a decision




        10. Profile can be monitored and user can download reports and extract information.