In the report header, there is a ‘Compliance Alerts’ tile that states whether there are alerts to be viewed or not. There is also a new ‘Compliance Alerts’ tab. There are a few different scenarios for this new tile and tab. 


When a Company Has Compliance Alerts 


  • The Compliance Alerts count in the report header tile is the count of data points (company itself, directors or UBOs / PSCs / UHCs) for the company for which the report is being generated that have alerts 


  • The Compliance Alerts tab contains automatic screening in a table for:               
  1. The company 
  2. The current directors 
  3. UBOs or UHCs 
  • The screenshot above shows the different columns: 
  1. If data is missing for a column, a hyphen is shown 

  • For directors, this is only current active directors 


  • For UBOs or UHCs: 
  1. If we have UBO (Ultimate Beneficiary Owner) or PSC (Persons of Significant Control) data, that is shown in this table 
  2. If there is no UBO / PSC data, we look for UHC (Ultimate Holding Company) data and screen the entity 
  3. If there is no UBO /PSC or UHC data, this data will not appear


  • If there are alerts against an entity, a red flag is shown and a ‘View Alerts’ button displayed: 
  1. When the user selects the flag or button, they are redirected to Protect 
  2. The user must have available credits for Protect, to be redirected to Protect. If they do not, they will be shown the “Not in Subscription” page 
  3. Protect will load with the search parameters used for the Creditsafe business report pre-populated and the results for the alert 


When a Company Has No Compliance Alerts 


  • The same UI is displayed when a company has no alerts as when a company has alerts. When there is no alerts the tile and tables state ‘No Alerts’ 


When the Alerts are Not Available 


If we have been unable to retrieve compliance alerts for a particular report, the compliance alerts tile will show ‘Not Available’