It is important that errors are handled correctly

The need to distinguish when an error can be corrected by re-submitting a request and when it should not is important. Below is a table that shows the basic response:

HTTP Response CodeDescriptionRe-submit


Request was successful N/A 
4xxAn issue with the request has caused an error.

This could be the request structure that was sent or a non-accepted value

 i.e. wrong data format or not part of an ENUM list.
Never retry a request
5xxThe request was structured correctly, but an issue has occurred on the Creditsafe end. In some cases, exponential back off can be used for requests.

In other cases it should not be re-submitted.

Attached in the document is more comprehensive list of errors that may occur while accessing the endpoints. The only endpoints that currently have information are as follows (More will follow as the document is progressed):

  • Authenticate
  • Access
  • Search Criteria
  • Company Search
    • Country Codes 
  • Company Report 
  • People / Director Search Criteria 
  • People / Director Search 
  • People / Director Report
  • Global Monitoring 
    • Company Events
    • Event Rules
    • Notification Events
    • Portfolios
  • Decision Engine