Scroll down to the Decision Details section. You will see a field named Decision Tree. A decision tree is an automated set of data checks that are performed to generate a decision. Decision trees can be designed using our Decision Templates or they can be a bespoke design and development. You can create as many decision trees as is needed for your business. You can grant Users access to one or more trees. The dropdown menu to the right will display a list of all the available decision trees you have access to.  


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Select the Decision Tree you want to use. When you select the Decision Tree, the User input field or fields required to run the decision appears. The User must enter the relevant fields. 

IMPORTANT: Both Custom and Template Trees you have access to will appear in this dropdown menu.  


Sample Custom Decision Tree Input 

Sample Template Tree Decision Input 


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When the input values have been entered, select Request Decision on the bottom right-hand side. This will run the decision and return the decision results.