If you have multiple Creditsafe user accounts that each entitle you to access Creditsafe via a different customer account (e.g. you personally have a user account under customer ABC UK and a user account under customer ABC FR) then it is possible to link these accounts under a single email address and password login.

To do this, follow the standard set up process for the first user account. When attempting to link the second account you should enter in the same email address as the first account when prompted. 

At this point, you will be informed that this email address is already assigned to another account. However, you will still be given the option to proceed and link the accounts. Please note once the account is linked, the action cannot be undone.

Once you have linked the accounts, the next time you login with your email address you will then be presented with a choice of user accounts available to use.

Please note that it is NOT possible to link existing accounts where one is a Web access account, and the other is a Connect API account. Neither is it possible to create an email login using an email address that is assigned to a Connect API account.