Are there any restrictions on the number of users we can have on KYC Protect? 

No, you can have an unlimited number of users on KYC Protect irrespective of package. 

What is the cost of KYC Protect?

We have a variety of packages that are tailored to your anticipated usage and needs that your Creditsafe Account Manager will guide you through. 

What happens if I exceed my usage and need to screen/monitor more profiles or cases than I initially thought?

There are several add-ons available that will help to cover your additional usage. 

Please reach out to your Account Manager who can assist with additional usage. 

How will I know when I have exceeded the number profiles or screening/monitoring credits in my package?


You will receive a notification when you are close to the usage limit of your particular package asking you to contact your Account Manager. 

How will I be charged credits within KYC Protect?

  • Company search/company report = 1 credit
  • Screening one profile with one key party (e.g. director, UBO, shareholder) = 1 credit

(+1 credit for each additional key party included in screening)

  • Monitoring one profile with one key party = 1 credit 

(+1 credit for each additional key party included in monitoring)

  • Monitoring the same profile for 365 days = 1 credit 


Compliance Manager at ABC Insurance searches for a company called Sunshine Homes (1 credit). They identify three directors and two shareholders that they want to include in the profile for screening (5 credits). The compliance manager would also like to add all five individuals and Sunshine Homes to monitoring (6 credits). 


The total number of credits used for this check = 12 credits 

Will I be charged for importing multiple parties from a report?

No, you can import all the data points in a report without cost. Screening is a separate action and will incur a charge.