You may want to keep a close watch on some of your more prominent customers, suppliers or competitors. You may even want to monitor your own report to ensure it is always up to date and showing results reflective of your company.

Creditsafe Monitoring allows you to keep track of companies in case anything changes on their report. Once you monitor a company you will receive email updates if anything changes on that company's report.  

How to monitor a company:

1. When viewing a company report clicking the ‘Monitor’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of the report header.

2. A window will appear with options including which portfolio you wish to add the company to, and whether you have any additional notes or details to add. Please select the desired portfolio from the left hand column.

3. Automatic monitoring can be enabled or disabled through the toggle on the company report you are viewing or within the Global Monitoring application itself. 


4. Once added, the button will turn green and the text will change to state ‘Monitored’.