The header section is available on all pages.

1. Clicking on the Creditsafe logo or the home icon returns you to your Creditsafe home page.

2. Clicking here logs you out.

3. The tabs allow you to navigate between the different pages of the Global Monitoring product.  

4. Clicking here displays the messages that you have sent, including alert emails, import reports, sync reports and export reports.

5. The Events block displays the number of events that have happened for the selected portfolio in the last 24 hours, 7 days, 2 weeks and 30 days respectively.

Clicking on the number displayed launches a pop-up window showing the companies in the selected portfolio that have changed in that date range.  

You can link to the full report for a company by clicking on the company’s name; the list can also be sorted by country, date, name and event.

6. This dropdown allows you to select the current portfolio from those that you have set up.

7. The ‘Automatic Monitoring’ toggle allows you to enable or disable automatic monitoring. If automatic monitoring is enabled, a company is automatically added to the default port