Manual Approval allows users to change the Outcome of Referred Decisions


The manual approval feature allows an authorised user to change the results of a decision that is in a ‘Refer’ state. This state is called Status 2 decision state. 

The manual Approval functionality will allow website Users or Connect API users to change the status of a decision from ‘Refer’ to either Accept or Reject (the value of these states depends on the rules of the tree in question).  

When a user changes the decision outcome, they have the option to leave notes explaining the change. This is useful for a comprehensive audit trail.  

Who can use Manual Approval? 


All users who have a role for the relevant tree except users with only the ‘Basic Role’ can change Status 2 decisions (refer).  

‘Senior’ users can change decision outcomes for all decisions made by their ‘users’ (within their own business) on their own trees.  

‘Admin’ users can change decision outcomes for all users (regardless of business) for the given decision tree (now this is limited to CreditSafe staff for support purposes). 

Click the link below to read more about this feature and how to use it: